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what is microblading?

Microblading brows is a semi-permanent technique that mimics the look of natural hairs. With a hand-held tool, the brow stylist etches hair marks onto the skin with pigment to create full and lasting brows. During this service, brows are filled in, shaped, and enhanced. With good upkeep and depending on lifestyle, microbladed brows can last one year and even longer.
This is the perfect solution for clients who are looking to save time and are currently struggling with drawing their brows daily. Clients have reported that this service has cut down their daily beauty regimen time by 70%!

what to expect

Microbladed brows is a multiple step process. This service takes patience. The final product of the brows is achieved after the initial consultation, appointment, AND touch-up. Healing process also varies depending on the client so brows may initially look darker than the end result. After 4 weeks of the first appointment, client must come back for a touch-up to fine tune and perfect the brows.

In some situations, client's skin may not absorb pigment at the standard rate. If this is the case, client will be notified during first touch-up that an additional touch-up may be necessary.

How to Prepare for your appointment

Come prepared to your consultation and brow appointments with a freshly washed face and no lotion around brow area. Have any inspiration photos ready if you have a certain shape, color, or style of brows that you'd like. During consultation, clients' brows will be shaped and groomed free of charge. Patch test will also be performed to prevent allergic reactions during the procedure. 50% of the full service fee will be collected as a non-fundable deposit during consultation and will only be refunded in the event of an allergic reaction to patch test. Remaining 50% of cost of service is due upon next appointment (typically 3-5 days after consultation). REQUIRED: check with your physician to ensure that you are in good health and able to receive permanent tattoo & make-up services.


Kindly notify us at least 24 hours in advance of any cancellations/reschedule requests. Credit card info will be stored for appointment bookings. No-shows without prior notice will be charged the entire fee of reserved service.